#Malec: My Ship that Sails on Glitters

I recently watched a Malec episode by accident in Youtube and then I got hooked. I was not expecting I would actually love and adore this ship and join the fandom. I have been on Asian BL dramas binge since the start of the year and I am glad that I joined the  Malec ship... Continue Reading →


Favorite #Malec Scenes

I have binge watched both seasons 1 and 2 and probably all YT videos of Malec scenes. So I am listing down my favorite Malec scenes so far until season 3 happens in April 2018. 1.      Magnus stopping Alec’s Wedding (1x12) – I guess this is everyone’s favorite. Magnus just entered the wedding hall with his... Continue Reading →

My Love for Planners

I started with a regular Starbucks planner, then I discovered Filofax and then Kikki.k. But what was more shocking is that there are a bunch of communities out there that are into planners and journals. It is just so amazing and overwhelming at the same time. That feeling that you are not the only one... Continue Reading →

Planner Freebies: Inserts and Stickers

Designing your planner can be daunting, sometimes you don't even know where to start or how start. Trust me, I am not a creative planner. I cannot match colors well nor coordinate themes accordingly. But it helps that there are tons of blog sites that store free printable for you to download and print at... Continue Reading →

Blogging: How do you Start?

As I have said in my previous post, I dedicate this page to us: bloggers who are struggling and can sometimes be lost. In every en devour, there should be a start. Where do I start? Let's start with the name for your blog. I started my blog so I can have an avenue to... Continue Reading →

What Got Me Hooked to #YbraMihan

Nope these are not rants, these are just my thoughts, observation and views on the show Encantadia. To set expectations, I have always been rooting for YbraMihan since the original story aired in 2005. They just have much possibilities and twists in their story waiting to be explored. And I am glad the creatives behind... Continue Reading →

Sa Muli Nating Pagkikita

Sa muli nating pagkikita Sana'y luha ng kagalakan ang aking hatid. Sa muli nating pagkikita naway ako'y iyong hagkan ng mahigpit. Sa muli nating pagkikita ako'y iyong salubungin  ng iyong mga halik na pagkatamis. Sa muli nating pagkikita hindi ko na muling babanggitin ang mga kataga ng pamamaalam.   - Lala B.

#YbraMihan is OPM

It comes no surprise to me that when I fell in love with YbraMihan that I would prefer OPM love songs as their background music. Okay, I have not yet created an FMV of YbraMihan, but hopefully soon I will be able to create one. It is just beautiful to listen to an OPM song... Continue Reading →

Because #YbraMihan is LOVE

The way they stare at each other. The way he address her as his beloved queen. The way she calls her Rehav (prince). And there are so many more little moments. Snippets of how their love grew. How their characters matured and shown emotions.  Their story is full of conflicts, betrayal, denials and longing. In... Continue Reading →


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