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February 2017

It Was Love

There was no fanfare or fireworks show. Just a quiet knowing somewhere deep within my heart. It was love and she completed me.   -- Bitter Sweet Love, Michael Faudet

K-Drama: Goblin

Other title: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Just finished watching this K-drama. And I can say that this drama is already in my fave to watch list. The story was great and the lines were beautiful. I fell in love... Continue Reading →

One Thing

She looked up at the sky and whispered,  take anything away from me, take it all if you to; but please ̶ please just let me keep this one thing.   ̶ The Universe of Us, Lang Leav

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I was not  expecting anything at all. When I picked the book from Fullybooked, I was telling myself, what the heck. Just give it a go. So after months of procrastinating on reading and with  a push because of my... Continue Reading →


Wet hair, dry lips and bare face  She starts to walk down the dirt path.  With blank face, her mind wanders  What if this never ends?  Like a vicious cycle in an endless nightmare.    Arms full, hands heavy with... Continue Reading →

Second Chance

We kissed beneath the twisted trees, our lips between the stars, tiny ripples in a lake, this love, once lost, is ours. - Michael Faudet, Dirty Pretty Things

Currently: List of Favorite Korean Dramas

I have not watched any latest Korean dramas for a while. I hardly have any time to really catch up on anything new on TV right now since I moved. But here is a list of my favorite Korean dramas.... Continue Reading →


You were the one I wanted most  to stay. But time could not be kept at bay. The more it goes, the more it's gone-- the more it takes away.   - Memories, Lang Leav  

Limited Time Offer

Sadyang mapaglaro ang tadhana at tayo'y pinagtagpo. Siya ba ay nangungutya o sadyang mapanlinglang lang. Sapagkat sa sandali ng ating pagtatagpo ay umibig ako sayo. Oo, naghilom ang sakit, nakalimutan ang lumang katipan at nagmahal  ng higit sa inaasahan. Ng... Continue Reading →

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