Love is Stronger in February

Love is a strong driving force that can pull just about anyone. Even the most insensitive person still has a beating heart underneath the facade of stone. But love becomes even stronger and more celebrated in February because of Valentine’s day.

February is considered the love month in the Philippines. The time of the year wherein we try to save money to buy chocolates, flowers and all possible valentine gifts the malls can offer. Commercialism is so strong in our country. This is the time we try to be romantic and creative just so we can express our love and devotion to our partners. But this is also the time when single ladies and men tend to be bitter because of how they are reminded that they do not have someone to celebrate Valentine’s day with. I will post a survival guide for you folks out there who is not exactly a fan of Cupid himself.

As I have mentioned, February is the month to spend on cards, flowers and chocolates. But heck, that should not be the case. We should celebrate love everyday of our lives. Especially now that the world is full of hate and discrimination, we need LOVE more than ever.

My tips on expressing love every day.

  1. Post it notes – yes, hand written words on colorful notes is still considered romantic. In this day and age with all the social and messaging apps you can download, nothing beats a personal note of Thank you, I love you or I miss you to make someone special smile.
  2. Time – let go of those smart phones and other gadgets and make sure that you spend quality time with your loved ones. Converse over dinner, ask how was his day, talk about your favorite food or your accomplishment for the week. Whether you are in a relationship or dating, you still have to get to know each other and find out each other’s quirks.
  3. Sing like you mean it – serenade your love one every now and then. Trust me, even if your partner tells you, you are not a great singer, they will still love how you made an effort to serenade them. I still like it when my boyfriend would sing for me.
  4. Call – just say hi or I was thinking of you. You may never know, it might just be what your love one needs to make them smile.

So, there are my tips and I would be happy to find out how you express your love for your someone special.

But just remember, it is not just about the gifts or the fancy dinner that makes relationship work. It is about commitment and respect. Love each other every day. Valentine’s day just makes love special but it is up to you to make it extra special.


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