I was not  expecting anything at all. When I picked the book from Fullybooked, I was telling myself, what the heck. Just give it a go. So after months of procrastinating on reading and with  a push because of my goals for this year. I plowed through the book and surprisingly enjoyed reading it.

No this is not an attempt to review the book or write a book essay. This is my first time writing about a book I read. And I was surprised, I could relate to Cath Avery (the lead). Just like her, I am an introvert. I’d rather be stuck in a room than be in a crowd. Just like Cath, I never wanted to leave my world. My comfort zone. My bubble. Just like Cath, I was afraid of changes. Of welcoming and being open to new things.  I kept on holding on to my comfort zone. To things that make me feel sane and safe. 

But I envy Cath. She can write,  can save her two favorite characters, spin them around and add more condiments than anyone could. For me, I can barely scratch the surface of my writing. There are days that I feel like I am just pretending. Pretending I can write, I can imagine a world that I can be someone great. Does everybody feel that way? 

So how do you overcome that insecurity? As I was writing this post, I suddenly felt a little sadness, because I envy people who are very creative and can blog about everything. But I along with the sadness, a realization hit me that if I keep on feeling sorry for myself and just sulk, I will not be able to learn and cross that safety net. So here I am, trying to bare and share my thoughts to the rest of the world. Just like Cath, you had take it slow. And continue doing and embracing what you love.


– Lala B.