Crazy Over #YbraMihan

I have spent sleepless days (yes, days) over my new favorite ship from the Encantadia 2016 t.v series. In all honesty, I am not exactly a fan of this remake/retelling. I was more of the 2005 version fan. And as of writing, I am trying to remember how I actually got hooked. If I remember it right I was just curious of how the Encantadia was doing and then I noticed a shift in the story. In the original run, Amihan and Ybrahim did not end up together. They just had a kid out of duty and the fact that Ybrahim married Alena, the sister of Amihan. And I was surprised that in the remake, there is something brewing between Ybrahim and Amihan. So, I watched a few episodes and I was hooked to their love story. The actors, Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid have this strong chemistry that would just pull you and make you fall in love. Yes, they look good together. They gave their characters so much depth and so much emotions that you will cry, smile like an idiot and will leave you breathless every time you see them together. It is beautiful. They are beautiful. And the only love team I go gaga over with is AlDub. And this post says a lot about how crazy I am about my ship #YbraMihan.

– Lala B.


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