When has been a goal or a dream easy to fulfill?

One of my insecurities is writing a blog and maintaining it. I felt so envious of bloggers who can write great posts and really nice content. That is why I’ve never really started a blog.

But I have realized that I need to start somewhere. And if you are asking, do I really want to be a blogger? Yes, I enjoy writing and sharing posts about myself and my activities. Does this mean I am good at it? I don’t think so.  As my logo says, I am continuously learning new things and that includes blogging. 

Now, what are my next steps? I will talk more about my blogging misadventures and how I am trying to maintain my blog sites. I will be sharing tips and my experiences as I tackle on this project.

So for those who are still hesitating to blog, give it a try. You will not know if it’s something you can be good at if you will not give it a shot. I am embracing my insecurities and venturing out.

For those who have been blogging for some time now, can you share your best practices?

A little inspiration and motivation goes a long way.

— Lala B.