The way they stare at each other. The way he address her as his beloved queen. The way she calls her Rehav (prince). And there are so many more little moments. Snippets of how their love grew. How their characters matured and shown emotions. 

Their story is full of conflicts, betrayal, denials and longing. In the middle of war, he decided to help her. Without realizing that the help he was extending was no longer because she was the sister of his dead lover and the mother of his daughter. Rather it was becoming personal. Too personal and intimate. And maybe without realizing it, he was falling in love. Unexpectedly. 

She holds the highest position in the land. She can love many but can never be owned by one man. Her duty should be her top priority. But she fell in love. She tried. Oh how hard did she try to control her feelings. To kill the emotion that is doomed from the start. Yet, how can she fight something she needs. He was her air. Her sword against all the hate. Her calm before the storm.