Nope these are not rants, these are just my thoughts, observation and views on the show Encantadia.

To set expectations, I have always been rooting for YbraMihan since the original story aired in 2005. They just have much possibilities and twists in their story waiting to be explored. And I am glad the creatives behind the show decided to venture on those possibilities in the sequel of Encantadia 2016.



  1. Amihan (Kylie Padilla) – at first I had my doubts, Amihan’s character is nobility at its finest and Kylie taking on this iconic role (which is one of my favorite) had me questioning the director WHY. But after getting hooked with YbraMihan (again), I was amazed on how Kylie slowly took in the character, embraced it and gave it her own flavor. I was also impressed with her fighting skills. Despite her admitting she finds it hard to speak tagalog, she was able to pull it off and what I liked her manner of delivery is that she tends to be sing-songy which I find cute. Especially when she tries to soften her emotions. Though, I am still mourning from her death. Encantadia is not the same without Amihan.
  2. Ybarro / Ybrahim (Ruru Madrid) – I really was not familiar with this actor; I was more familiar of the character that he is portraying. Thus, I was not sure I would enjoy watching Encantadia with him in almost every episode. But lo and behold, he was able to pull it off. Especially when he was given the responsibility of being the heir to the throne of Sapiro. And add to that he has a daughter with Amihan, playing prince and father for a young kid could either make you or break you. And I must say, thank you Emre, he knows how to act and was able to pull off the maturity card exceptionally well. Okay, he still has a few improvements to make but common, this kid can act despite his age. Though he tends to do heavy sighing every time he delivers heavy lines or emotional scenes.
  3. Alena (Gabbi Garcia) – She is my least favorite character out of all the 4 Sanggres but my Emre, what happened to her in the 2016/17 version? Or do the creative team need to put something awesome for her? I mean she is a hopeless romantic turned vengeful b*tch and then desperate for Ybrahim’s love. She needs more than that, granted she is not as wise as Amihan nor a fighter like Danaya, but she can be more than a soppy character pining for old love. Maybe I sound bias but I just want her to grow, her character to develop as great as Amihan, Danaya and Pirena. Oh and by the way, she needs to learn a few acting lessons, the way her mouth moves is just really irritating. Okay, I was being biased in that last part. But overall, good job.
  4. Danaya (Sanya Lopez) – My favorite Sanggre! I loved her in 2005 and I still love her now. She is cunning, strong and kind-hearted (when no one is looking). But most of all she is a fighter and the epitome of LOYALTY. Despite all the hate, deception and hurt, she remained loyal to Amihan and to Lireo. I would add the Danquil moments because they are funny and sweet. Though, now it is full of heart aches.

I would like to talk more about the other characters but I will just post another entry soon to talk about the other characters.

And on to my favorite OTP. YbraMihan. So much to love so little to hate. Okay maybe for the AleBarro fans, they hate this pairing. But who cares. Hahahaha. Poltre.

Why do I go gaga over this pairing? As I have said, they had so much possibilities in the original run and I am really glad it was explored in the 2016 sequel. The YbraMihan / KyRu pairing was unexpected yet it hits you in the heart and you can’t help but notice and root for them till the end. Just like AlDub, they are organic and a surprise to everyone.

There were no fireworks during their first meeting (dream version) but when they actually met in real life, it was something else. There was spark. A little bit. Then Amihan’s reign fell and here comes Ybrahim to the rescue and to lend a helping hand. Then their first embrace happened, oh my Emre, it was short yet poignant. For me that was when the shift of the story started happening.  And I was really happy about it! Yet, along the way I was getting frustrated with Ybrahim because he cannot even make up his mind. He was making excuses and just went for whatever made sense. Well it was the same with Amihan. I know, her being queen requires her to be loyal only to Lireo and that she cannot love and be married. That part was really an aaargggh moment for me. But I guess that what makes their love story even more beautiful and moving. There were hurdles to overcome before the prince and the queen can be together.

YbraMihan’s love story was not easy, yes it started in a dream, then a kid happened in between, a girlfriend to ruin all possibilities, but when you are destined to be that person’s soulmate, no one can come in between. Not even death.

I am still rooting for YbraMihan to be the endgame. I know Kylie’s current condition does not allow her to work late and be under stress, but as long as there is hope, YbraMihan will have its happy ending soon.