It comes no surprise to me that when I fell in love with YbraMihan that I would prefer OPM love songs as their background music. Okay, I have not yet created an FMV of YbraMihan, but hopefully soon I will be able to create one.

It is just beautiful to listen to an OPM song while watching your favorite love team. There is a certain magic that surrounds YbraMihan. A magic that pulls you in and just love this couple more.

So, here are a few OPM songs that I enjoy listening to that fuels my love for YbraMihan stronger.

  1. Tadhana – Up Dharma Down: I know this is the MOST popular OPM song for a love team. But I can’t help it, the song is really beautiful.
  2. Maghihintay – Encantadia OST: Because the song is fitting and the words just describe their love story.
  3. Mahal na Mahal Kita – Regine Velasquez: It is a little pop but this song resonates a confession of love and what the person will do for that person.
  4. Para Sa’yo – Freestyle: What I feel and will do for YbraMihan
  5. Makita Kang Muli – Sugarfree

Hopefully, these songs will inspire you create your playlist for your favorite love team.